Diary of 16 January 2007

Tried to sleep at 1:30 AM, suddenly woke up at 2:00 AM  and tried to sleep again.
It was hard but then finally I fell asleep at 3:00 AM.

0600 Woke up due to the ring of Mr. Baba’s PDA Phone
He said, “Hey, you said that you want to wake up early at 05:00?”
I answer that it was not easy for me to sleep tonight.

And then I took a pray and prepared to iron my shirt.
Mr. Baba took the bath first while I was ironing my suit.
When he got out from the bathroom, I took the place and bath.

0708 Go to the 13th floor for breakfast
I had fried rice, one egg, coffee

0900 Arrive at Obaku Station, Kyoto
Walk to Kyoto University

0915 Arrive at Kyoto University

0930 Welcome lecture session

H. Tanaka, Vice-Director of Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University
Public Relations and Information Management Committee

Presentation Summary

Kyoto University is one of the biggest university in Japan

Kyoto Campuses: Yoshida (Headquarter), Katsura, Uji

Automation of research station was conducted to minimize budget

We are going to see Wind Tunnel Laboratory and Earthquake Response Simulation Laboratory

After WW II, there were a lot of disasters. So many people were died. The government established DPRI 1951.

In 1951, there was also Isewan Typhoon.

1995, Kobe Earthquake, many people died because of fired caused by the earthquake, not due to the earthquake itself.

There are four research center at DPRI

Center of Excellence, the place where temporary researchers come to Kyoto University and the budget is on the Government

Total budget (17 Million US) : 41 % from MEXT, 16,7 % from industry, 15,4% Japan Science and Technology,  JSPS

In big cities, there are subways which are prone to flooding due to tsunami. To study this -> Fujikawa Open Laboratory, 5 minutes from Kyoto Univ Campus by car.

Kyoto is built on big faults that if earthquake happen the magnitude at Kyoto Univ will be around 8.

But the recurrence is about 1000 years, that’s why the government don’t want to expense some money to make the building stronger.

0950 Lecture on Kocaeli Earthquake, Turkey 1999

Damaged Area Estimated by the Satellite Data


He used the thermal band of satellite image to see where the damaged areas.
The damaged area will be no electricity and the temperature would be lower than the other areas which were not damaged.

Parameters important to see the magnitude of the earthquake: acceleration, velocity and displacement.

Ductility of building is important.

Arifiye overpass

Taiwan Earthquake

Taiwan is at the central of the movement of Russia Plate and Phillipine’s Plate, so it rises mountain.

One of the cause of building damage in Taiwan is they filled concrete with empty tanks and no reinforcement of the steel (human mistakes).

It is important to design buildings that can absorp the energy of the earthquake and resilience to the damage.

1130 Lunch at Student Cafe Kyoto University
I had rice with, I thought it was fish, but it taste made me feel that it wasn’t. I don’t know it’s just only the taste of its          spice or it wasn’t fish, beacon maybe, I don’t know. As you know, as a moslem I am not allowed to eat beacon.
But, what the heck, I didn’t know. God don’t punish us for the things that we don’t know.

1215 We’ve finished our lunch.

1300 I joined Ms. Ita to go to Kyoto University by shuttle bus. This bus is free and serves students and others from Kyoto University Uji Campus to the main campus, Yoshida Campus, about 40 minutes from Uji. There were seven of us, Ms. Ita, Ms. Sari, Ms. Retno, Mr. Baba, Mr. Muzailin, Mr. Fahmi and me.


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  1. Thank for making this valuable information available to the public.


  2. Hello.
    🙂 The natural photo of the new arrival, taken by Emma Tallulah’s dad,


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