Smart folder example: flagged entry

Smart families are a Journler first and a powerful way to organize your entries. The idea is a familiar one. Folders have subfolders. In Journler the same goes for smart folders: smart folders also have subfolders. Creating a smart family is as easy as adding a smart folder to one you already have.

Smart families are special because the subfolders in a family take on the conditions of their parents, permitting complex organizational hierarchies without the need to repeat conditions. Let’s use the folders at the left as an example.

The folder title Smart Family has a single condition, “tags contain smart family.” As a result it automatically collects any entry whose tags include the phrase “smart family.” That folder then has two children, Flagged and Checked. The Flagged folder has a single condition, “marking is flagged”, and the Checked folder also has a single condition, “marking is checked.

Normally the subfolders collect any entry that is flagged or checked, but because they are also children of the Smart Family folder an entry’s tags must include “smart family” to appear in them. The subfolders only collect those entries that match their respective conditions as well as those of their parents.

For more information about smart folders, auto-tagging and smart families, refer to the Smart Folders Help page.


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