Upgrade to Leopard

Few days ago I bought a Mac OS X Leopard from Velocity, BEC Bandung. Time machine is one of my reasons why I really want to upgrade from Tiger to Leopard. The other one is the Spotlight ability to search within the network. It saves time.

The Mac OS X Leopard Quicktime preview says that it’s easy to upgrade from Tiger to Leopard. Just insert the DVD, restart the computer and follows the installation instruction. Yes, it was easy to upgrade, BUT, there were some bugs I have found. In System Preferences, Leopard always crashes when I wanted to change the screensaver. The other one is Boot Camp can’t make another partition.

Then I decided to backup with SuperDuper!, started a fresh installation of Leopard with different username from what I have in Tiger. After I enter Leopard, then I used Migration Assistant to retrieve my previous user and applications. Voila! It works well.


3 responses to “Upgrade to Leopard

  1. Xie…xieeeeee. desperately upgrade to leopard finally come true 😀


  2. By the way what is the price you paid for the upgrade?


  3. @Dot in the Galaxy:

    I bought the Leopard DVD ($136 US)


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