When ethologists (someone who is expert in behavioral study) hear the word imprinting, usually they think about Tinbergen’s experiments. He used duck eggs for this experiment. After the egg hatched, the ducklings saw him and started to follow him. They thought that he was their parent. They followed what he did. This is what imprinting means to be.

Imprinting is a nature process where new born living creatures learn how to survive. The process remains until certain time of their lives. It is the important part of the life cycles. For human being, it is the time whether you are going to be excellent in musics, sports or sciences. That why some parents listen to baroque music in pregnancy. They want to imprint their child about harmony.

Sometimes, maybe, the process prolonged until several years in childhood. I remember that our neighbor used to play Beatles audio music loudly. The sounds was very loud. I think, it imprinted me. I am not fans of Beatles but I admire the songs and the musics. I don’t know why. I think it was from my early childhood experience.


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